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sewage treatment plant manufacturer in greater noida We are a leading company famous as a major sewage treatment plant manufacturer in delhi, since 2005. Our sewage treatment plants are of superior quality which are based upon a unique functional technology that treats and manipulates the most unwanted and filthy residue i.e. sewage in the most sophisticated way. Being a prominent brand owner as sewage treatment plant manufacturer, all of our treatment plants are widely acknowledged for operational efficiently, safety, top durability and our products are widely being relied upon by masses across various industries and social constructs. Clearly, in various sectors, our top quality sewage treatment plants and the underlying technology operated thereby, are winning hearts and a lot of accolades owing to our products' towering operational superiority.

For instance, in schools, hotels, hospitals, corporate complexes, academic campuses, shopping complexes , residential societies etc, our prime sewage treatment plants are successfully installed to treat and manage sewage in handy and cost effective manner.

As a famous name and a prominent sewage treatment plant manufacturer, we design and develop sewage treatment plants of various types depending upon the requirement and preference, such as automatic, semi-automatic and manual use sewage treatment machines.

There is always placed the innovative working dynamic in the machinery of our sewage treatment plants which make our machines far sophisticated and unique in their own design and development. Further, each piece is put to critically hard Quality Test in various stages where every single component is being judged and checked for its intrinsic potential and measured and expected output and that way, the performance of overall system is being judged on a larger mechanical canvas.

Clearly, ours has been a significant attempt towards transforming the environment we reside in, through purifying services, as versatile sewage treatment is ensured by the virtue of which, contaminants are being removed and the remaining matter is healthy enough for a safer disposal. Though, we are based in Delhi NCR, but our notified services as prominent sewage treatment plant manufacturers, we are hailed as global brand, because of our unique international standards of manufacturing quality, which is pretty affordable and easy to use. As such, water, which is scanty on earth, can become safer and re-usable by virtue of our high performing sewage treatment plants which are available in a wider range and at various prices as per specific interest, preference and budget which you may have.

Preliminary Treatment Stage:
Here, hard or solid material is collected in order to prevent damage to pump and other equipments as placed in treatment system and automated bar screens are used to accomplish this task.

Primary Treatment Stage:
Here the sewage or wastewater, as is left after above process, is collected in a tank where heavier stuff, (still holding in sewage) is made to settle down while lighter material rise to surface. The heavier and the lighter objects are removed and the sewage is then made to flow in for later treatment process, known as secondary stage.

Secondary Treatment Stage:
At this stage, microorganisms are released into the wastewater post primary treatment stage, where biological elements, as are dissolved, are procured and the remaining matter is then made to proceed into the next stage for Tertiary Stage of sewage treatment plant manufacturer in delhi.

Tertiary Treatment Stage:
Here, sand filters are put into service and so is mechanical filtration process while effluent is also allowed to pass through a reed bed or any other grass plot. In other words, treated water is subjected to chemical or physical dis-infection by the precise use of lagoons or micro filtration, before such is discharged into the river stream, bay or is released into the environment or simply put, before it is being stored in the tanks of clean water for re-use by the dwellers of the residential complexes.

Finally, our highly talented engineers can also design and develop customized machines as classic examples of engineering, as per specific requirements of our esteem clients. For more info, please call, meet and discuss your requirements and we shall implement your needs into our prevailing engineering marvels.

We are renowned firm developing widely demanded STP With MBBR. With advancements in our manufacturing technology we are able to develop highly efficient water filtration technique to provide high quality de-mineralized water.

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Sewage Treatment Plant